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At My Junk Car Buyer we know that you have a lot of questions when it comes to selling your junk car for scrap. After all, you have so many other people telling you that your car is worthless, so how can we be claiming that it does truly have value? Below we have compiled some of the most common questions we receive to more easily bring you a little more clarity.

Why Buy Junk Cars?
            Even though your vehicle may not be valuable in terms of being able to sell it for another persons personal use, there is still valuable items in your vehicle. The electronics, the metal, the glass, almost anything can be repurposed. We make money back on our purchase by stripping and selling these items for future use.

How Much is My Car Worth?
            This is one question that we get a lot, and to be honest, it’s a tricky one to answer. All vehicle are different, and have different parts and make up that form what they are. Call Me.

How Do I Get a Quote?
CALL ME so I can get information I need to put together figures from the knowledge database and give a basic number. To be 100% accurate though, an assessment of the vehicle will have to be performed in order to provide a hard figure.

Who Picks Up My Car?
            At My Junk Car Buyer we pick up your car, leaving you with nothing to do but cash the check. We know a lot of companies out there that hire third party tow truck drivers, and this can lead to issues of needing to pay out of your own pocket. At My Junk Car Buyer we factor in all of our costs when it comes to quotes, and bring you an accurate number that leaves no hidden surprises, especially for towing.

Do I Have to Pay For a Quote?
            Some companies out there try to inflate their numbers by charging you for everything, from title swapping to towing, quotes and more. At My Junk Car Buyer we think this is just dirty pool, and we ensure that all aspects of your transaction is taken care of, and you get the money you deserve for your junk car.

When Do I Get Money For My Car?
            At My Junk Car Buyer we don’t try to pull any fast ones on you, and in some cases, this could mean hooking up and pulling away your vehicle before you even get paid. This is a means in which you will most assuredly get scammed. At My Junk Car Buyer we give you the check before you sign over the title, to ensure that you are getting exactly as quoted.

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