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Baton Rouge Junk Car Buyer
Baton Rouge Junk Car Buyer

The world of junk cars can be a confusing one, and knowing how to best prepare yourself to notice if a company is trying to take advantage of you is an important skill to have heading into any negotiation. At My Junk Car Buyer we believe that you should be prepare din any situation, and when it comes to selling your car for scrap having the necessary tools to head into any negotiation when it come to selling off your vehicle for the final time.

Shop Around
            The most important key to have in selling your junk car, is to shop around. CALL ME, ask a lot of questions when it comes to matters that may leave you conned out of the value of your vehicle. It seems like easy pickings for a lot of companies to deal with people who have been told their car has no value, and so ensuring that you’re choosing a company that is upfront and honest with you is important, and a characteristic we stick to.

Know Your Costs
            The most important thing to remember is that junking your car shouldn’t cost you anything, it should only be gaining you money. When companies try to charge you for your towing, for scrap fees, for your quote, or any other aspect of the process, just walk away. A good junk car buyer, such as My Junk Car Buyer covers all the costs of the process, to ensure that you get he most value for your money, and as well due to the fact that these different added costs don’t cost the company any money, they are in charge of it all anyway.

Be Ready to Walk
            As with any negotiation, you need to be prepared to walk away. If a company is giving you a really great quote, and then tacking on a hundred different charges, you need to steer clear of them. When getting a quote, you need to know all of the factors involved, and if a scrap yard is telling you that more information will come later which could affect your value, be prepared to walk. A key card that you always hold in your hand is the ability to just say no and move on, and you have to be ready to.

Choose Honesty
            This is both a tip, and a characteristic of our views on the industry as a whole, you need to be honest. Trying to cheat people out of the value of their vehicle may be good for your business in the short run, but do it to enough people and they start to reject your services. We have always been of the opinion that if we are honest, and we bring people what we say we will, that we have the means to continue in this industry for a long time. Check out my website to find out all about the services and quotes we bring you.

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